Spa Industry

"In Defense of Pampering"  Thumb

"In Defense of Pampering"

Jeremy McCarthy (Director, Global Spa Development and Operations, Starwood Hotels) gives his thoughts on our 6th Annual Symposium Debate theme "Pampering vs. Wellness" on his blog.
"What Memberships Mean to a Successful Spa" Thumb

"What Memberships Mean to a Successful Spa"

Mr. Chris Pulito (General Manager, Mirbeau Inn & Spa) presented on how Memberships can only increase the success of your spa at NYSPA's 2010 Symposium.
"The Spa STAR Report" Thumb

"The Spa STAR Report"

Jan D. Freitag (VP, Smith Travel Research) presented statistics regarding Luxury Spa Performance at NYSPA's 2010 Symposium.
"Redefining Wellness" Thumb

"Redefining Wellness"

Ellie Whalen (Founder, Sprayology) presented NYSPA's 2010 Symposium and headed a discussion on what "wellness" should now be defined as.

Economic Impact

The International SPA Association (ISPA) is one of the best sources for statistics on the spa industry. The Lexington, Kentucky-based organization releases a major new study every two years. The most recent was conducted in 2006 by Association Resource Centre, Inc.